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Permanent wants post

[Edited 25/11/2016] [Edited 8/10/2019!]

Main collections ( pokemon i collect most items of):

Side collections/favourite pokemon:

Since it's been a million years (since i updated this list...or my collection site. Whoops!) i decided to update my wanted page. [Edit 25/11/16] So sun and Moon happened and now i'm slightly in love with Golisopod. So that's a thing. I also Love Magaerna and Wimpod, but i think they'll end up like Typhlosion, Vespiquen and Sableye in that it won't turn into a full collection. We'll see.

First, let's do non-genesect wants! (highest wants in bold) Pics/info under the cut:

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          Genesect (highest priority first! and/or in bold):

  • Korean BW Master guide III & confetti coin - Highest want! It's really for the exclusive coin (silver with confetti holo!) more than anything else. I've never seen this thing for sale and only found out about the coin from bulbapedia.

  • Can badge!

Any badges are good since i only have one genesect badge. I've very rarely even seen these for sale, so if you know where to find these let me know!

  • Philippines exclusive paper figures (both colours)

I literally have no clue where to start with these - only ever seen about 2 images, and never any for sale - so any help is appreciated!

  • I don't know what this thing is. It might be a DS/3DS cover featuring genesect. The image is pretty small and it's hard to see.

  • Pokedoll polvorones cookie tin. Pic is broken - can't find another image of it =(

  • Copper metal collection coin. I have one coming to me that might be gold, but i'll have to wait to see when it arrives. So expect this part to change sometime soon [Edit: It's bronze! I have the gold one now, as well. Only the copper one left to find!

Secret extremespeed metal charm. Super, super HIGH want. Really want to complete this set! Please PM me or leave a comment if you're selling this charm!

This is the set they're from:

I'm looking for the one with the big ? across it (really useful reference image, i know!). I think it's purple genesect in the extremespeed formation.

  • Dice bag:

  • Decochara sticker holder/album

  • Megmilk red sticker:

  • Sorry for the blurry image! These are so tiny and shiny they're hard to photograph. I have the purple one as pictured but i'm looking for the red one.

  • Red genesect watch (i'm also looking for the pencil case in this photo but it's a lower priority than the watch).

  • 3DS hard covers:


  • Movie items

I'm mainly looking for the keychain, although the wallet is again a lower priority item i'm looking for. I naively thought it would be up for sale for a long time and i put off buying it for months. Then it disappeared and i've never seen it again T_T

  • Red genesect sticker. The photo below only shows mewtwo/sylveon/meowth & wobbuffet but i know a red genesect version exists. Not sure about a purple genesect one though.

  • Stickers and stationary items. In the second picture i'm only looking for the tube shaped erasers/rubbers.

  • What do you call this thing? A water ring? Either way, i saw this on rakuten before i became serious about genesect collecting and i just went "lol no". But now i'd like to know if anyone's seen it, since its such an unusual item.

  • Clothing/wallets/bags/accessories (lower priority wants, but still important!)


Non-genesect wants:

  • Bug & Normal type kids - will post ones i need/have on the BUG/NORMAL DEX post.

  • Big, big want: Volcarona kid.Haven't seen these for sale in ages.

  • M Pinsir & M Heracross Pokemon center charms.

  • Lurantis & Fomantis Pokemon center charms.

There is about a 100000% chance that i'll trade/buy genesect items that i don't have, so chuck me a PM if you want to trade/sell something!

red genesect movie

Bugdex and Normaldex

So, i haven't really been active on LJ for a really long time, only occasionally posting when i'm trying to find all the rare things.

Since my last update i've managed to get:

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Aaand that's it.
Which brings me to the reason i wrote this post: genesect merch has slowed right down to a trickle, so until there's a new campaign/new tomy or kid figures/gen 5 fit plush are released i've decided to give myself a new challenge:

Completing the bug type & Normal type pokedex in kid figures.

The Normal pokedex is kind of a casual thing, since the lots i find bug pokes in almost always have at least one normal type. I did a mono-type challenge in Y and kinda fell in love with Normal type, so it's become a sort of extra collection thing. To go with this, i'm also collecting shinies and will make a 'shiny post' to write down the shinies i have, and the ones i'm grinding horde encounters/fishing/Friend Safari/Shiny ditto glitch for.

I've also kinda sorta maybe fallen in love with the pokemon fit plush, so basically at this point my collection has expanded from 'only genesect but actually vespiquen, volcarona and golisopod too' to 'literally all the bugs'.

I thought i'd make a list here to write the kids i have, so without further ado:

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Bug kid progress:

Own: 68
Normal kids: 64 Megas: 2 Other: 2 (drapion and bug plate Arceus)

  1. Shuckle

  2. Mega Beedrill

  3. Mega Pinsir

  4. Grubbin

  5. Charjabug

  6. Cutiefly

  7. Ribombee

  8. Dewpider

  9. Araquanid

  10. buzzwole

  11. pheromosa

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Bugs i still need:

  • Mega Beedrill (If that's a thing?)

  • Mega Pinsir (if this also has a kid. Not sure - only found M Heracross & M Scizor)

  • Pheromosa

  • Buzzwole

  • Trash & Sand cloak Burmy and Wormadam

  • Grubbin & charjabug

Normal ( high priority wants):

  • Deerling (multiple)

  • Sawsbuck (multiple)

  • Audino

  • Lopunny

  • Miltank

  • Toucannon (If there's a kid figure out yet?)

Other kids that i want for reasons:

  • Fomantis

  • Lurantis

  • Gligar

red genesect movie

Cards and stickers to trade

So it's been a while since i last posted anything, and i thought i'd make a post about items to trade since i have a lot of cards and stuff.

Here are the things i'm currently wanting to trade for:

Top priority are these two. To be clear though, these are actually scans of my own cards; i'm looking for the Japanese version of the Genesect EX card and the English version of the Red Genesect card. The red genesect card in particular has been really elusive for me since it came free with the Genesect movie DVD (but only the American version? And only some of them). I've emailed a bunch of people who sell the DVDs on ebay but no one can tell me if it comes with it, so i've been holding off buying just incase.

Slightly less priority but still important things that i want (images from bulbapedia):

File:BW8 Silver Plasma Coin.pngFile:BW10 Silver Genesect Coin.pngFile:BWMG Silver Genesect Coin.pngGalvantulaFeverBurstFighter22.jpgMScizorEXRageBrokenHeavens87.jpg

  • All team plasma coins (i don't have any of them)

  • Oval genesect holo coin (from the volcarona theme deck)

  • Confetti genesect holo coin

  • Mega Scizor TCG metal pin

  • Any genesect cards that aren't English or Japanese

  • Steam siege shiny Galvantula (preferrably holo or reverse holo)

  • Holo or reverse holo bug pokemon cards, especially Megas. [edit:18/5/17]

Things i have for trade:

In this first picture are all the cards i would do a full trade with ( trade one card for one card). All the other pictures have less rare cards so i would probably trade multiple cards for a single card i want. They're all mint and kept in sleeves.

Picture 2: Partial trades. I have some repeats here as well as a mint in wrapper Japanese red genesect.

Pokemania? cards and more trading cards:

I bought these all mint, but the way they were stored (held together with rubber bands) means that they all have little notches down the sides where the band has rubbed. Otherwise, some have dents and such but have otherwise are in decent condition.

Pokemon Sun & Moon playing cards:

I have both sets of these cards, so in most cases i have two of each card. One set (Sun) has a red back with Solgaleo and the other (Moon) has a blue back with Lunala. Each set has some differences (and i kept some cards for myself) so there are some cards missing and/or only one card of that type for trade. The ones i've kept are: Sun female protagonist, Moon male protagonist, moon primarina, moon cutiefly, moon vikavolt.
The cards that are specific to each set are: moon midnight lycanroc, sun daytime lycanroc, sun passimian, moon oranguru.

In this last picture, Lunala and Solgaleo are the backs of the cards.

Tretta stickers:

red genesect movie

asdfgjjj new kid pics released

soo...amiami has finally released new pics of the next two kid figure sets!! Here they are:

BW 5 box - Late August

LOADS of eeveelutions, pikachu doing iron tail, awesome mewtwo, charizard and RED GENESECT doing some kind of creepy purple doom attack (?!) Besides red genesect, i really love the mewtwo, umbreon and espeon in this set. It's cute how umbreon and espeon have the same pose =3
A little strange how mewtwo's other form hasn't got any merch yet however. I wonder what's up with that :/

Sylveon arc box - July

ASHSJ.;,LMKHJLPOKP#/..M UFO EXTREMESPEED GENESECT!! I'm so glad his normal coloured self got an extremespeed form anything, considering how many figures will be produced of red genesect transforming (perhaps something to do with normal genesect's inability to do it ingame?). I'm a little disappointed in the red kid's pose however (mostly due to me being bitter cause i took the time repainting a normal kid red grr argh) From this set i also like 'cool story bro' kirlia, sylveon, sableye and oddly enough nidoking.
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LJ cut tutorial

I'm tired of people getting this wrong, so here's a very simple tutorial!

cut picture

Push this button!

cut read
This comes up! Write a good cut joke in here! Press 'insert'. These lines come up.

cut read more

Ta da! You just made a cut! =DDDDD
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I have 10 positive feedback, so i thought i'd make a trades post ^_^

I'd love to trade some of the plush and figures i no longer collect for stuff i do collect, so if you'd like to trade with me and you have 10 positive feedback on PKMNcollectors also, send a PM my way =D

I'm always looking for more genesect items, so if you're offering anything i don't have i'll probably say yes! Unless you're offering a single dice for a plush or something XD (although joking aside i'd probably still do it)

I also like neo binders, the kind with sets of holo or promo cards in. I currently have the neo genesis one with the starters in, but am missing the southern islands set and the set with holo pichu, entei and charizard.

I currently have these items to trade:

These items have moved to my new sales post since i now have sales permission (YAY!). I'm still willing to trade for items in my wants list however!

Genesect items so far and other collection stuff

EDIT 26/05/13: I've copied the info from the genesect merchandise list on my weebly collection site into this post. Here's the original:

If you have any info about genesect merch that is not on the list, please PM me here or fill out my website's contact form. Thank you!

So, genesect has become a full on collection to rival my typhlosions. I thought it might be a good idea to make a list of all the genesect items which have/will come out this year. So, here it is:

Items by release date
- Best wishes zukan (with druddigon, haxorus, scolipede  and chandelure lines) (Available Jan 2013)
- Dice, battle wheels and candy figures (gashapon toys...) (Dice out Jan/Feb 2013,candy figures available end of Apr 2013 available on ebay)

-  Kid figure set including genesect, ampharos, rayquaza, zangoose, seviper, charizard, shinx, leafeon, jolteon and pikachu - Amiami (Feb 2013)
- Normal and red coloured tomy supersized figures - HLJ (also available in normal colour in a getter playset) (454 yen approx on HLJ)
(Normal version out Feb 2013, red version out 30th Apr 2013)
- Team plasma deck box and card protectors ( about 320 yen each on Amiami)
- Megalo cannon booster packs (including full art genesect X, team plasma genesect X and support cards)
- Coro coro magazine prism holo card
- Not sure it came out this month, but light up masterball keychains. £5 on ebay
- Moveable/poseable tomy figures (eevee/charizard/genesect)
-Genesect pokedoll  (27th Apr at pokemon center, pickups at
-Red genesect super size tomy (HLJ) 464 yen
- Plasma prism holofoil promo card (given out at pokemon center for a limited time, buy from ebay or pokevault)
- Motion gallery genesect (pre-order the set at amiami, 1760 yen)
- May 25th - Next set of Rumble U figures featuring Genesect and Mewtwo
(pokevault, sunyshore)
- Red genesect pokepla (plastic model kit) Available for pre-order at amiami (690 yen) and HLJ
- Poseable plushes (normal and shiny) 3840 yen ( from HLJ)
- Movie straps with genesect, mewtwo and  sylveon (1st Jun)
- DX sized banpresto mewtwo and red genesect dolls
- Genesect clear netsuke strap (in Shogakukan Special Pokemon Fan 30 and probably available from ebay and pokevault).
-Battle deck/box of cards mewtwo VS genesect (amiami)
- Two designs of 3DSXL covers, one featuring mewtwo (amiami)
- Movie zukan red genesect available for pickup here
- normal coloured MPC ($17.99 at
- Sylveon arc kids featuring genesect and red genesect (amiami 1960)
- Korotto manmaru red genesect plush ($21.99 at
- Mewtwo VS Genesect 30 card deck (amiami)
- 3DS XL Mewtwo and Genesect hard cover (amiami 780 yen )
- 3DS XL hard cover Genesect (yellow design) (amiami 690 yen)
- NEO Genesect and red Genesect (possibly the 'radio controlled' genesect that was shown at a toy fair, since charizard and mewtwo get them too) (HLJ 1760 yen each)
-Change action! Red genesect  (HLJ 3600 yen) Genesect figure that can change into it's extremespeed form!
- Moncolle movie set - one with mewtwo and genesect and another with pikachu and eeveelutions. They're box sets of new tomy figures. (HLJ 1600 yen, 2400 yen respectively)
- Movie special swing charms box (10pcs) (HLJ 1600 yen)
- Some kind of movie gashapon by tomy arts (8pcs) (HLJ 1920 yen)
- Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo awakens theme song (first release limited edition and limited pressing edition). These both (should) have unrevealed pre-order bonuses. (amiami 648-1223 yen)
- LED flash reflector mascot genesect and red genesect (740 yen each -amiami)
-Red coloured MPC ($17.99 at
- BW5 Kids featuring red genesect and mewtwo (amiami 1960 yen)
Date of release not known:
Many of these items are out now without a release date being announced (that i can find) and i've just stumbled across them on the internet.
- Movie watches with normal, red genesect, mewtwo and other movie pokemon. Available in May (around £4-6 per watch on ebay)
- Metal emblem keyrings/tags.Available in May ($4-5 an emblem)
- Pokemon styluses. Range of designs incl. eevee, mewtwo and genesect
(£4-5 on ebay per stylus or £7+ for the set)
- Ensky movie magnets featuring pokemon from the movie and short film.Blind packed. Available through Denkimouse and Y!j
- New lightup pokeball keychains for the movie (mewtwo/red genesect)
- Swing chains (movie pokemon incl. genesect,mewtwo, sableye)
-New dice for the movie (most of the ones in the set feature genesect)
- Pokemon smash prize: army of genesect rumble U figures including 4 normal genesect with all the drives and one red genesect leader! Only 100 made in total!
- Amada stickers (saw some for sale on PKMNcollectors)
- Genesect wristband and wallet -
- Torretta genesect piece
- Metal coin (from vending machines; probably find some on ebay soon)

Pokemon center promotions:
Dec 26th 2012 - Genesect promotion
- Plush: 1,800 yen
- Dot Sprite Charm: 350 yen
- Clear file: 210 yen
- 3D Notebook: 500 yen
- Eraser: 160 yen
- Ruler: 250 yen
- Pencil set: 350 yen
- Pencil caps: 320 yen
- Ballpoint pen: 600 yen
- Metallic seal: 300 yen
- Pencil case: 1,000 yen
- Handkerchief: 350 yen
- Drawstring bag: 580 yen
- T-Shirt- 2,400 yen
- Metal charm: 150 yen
- Metal keychain: 650 yen
- Card case: 880 yen
- Strap: 500 yen
Everything here except the t-shirt, pencil caps, metallic seal and eraser were available at after the event.
March 23rd - Red genesect promotion
- Pokemon Center plush: 1,800 yen
- Metal charms: 290 yen (normal and speed form!)
- Clear file: 210 yen
- Notebook 170 yen
- Pencil set 350 yen
- Coloured pencil set 180 yen
- Pencil cap set 320 yen
- Eraser 160 yen
- Ruler 250 yen
- Pencil case 500 yen
- Metallic seal 300 yen
- Drawstring bags: 580 yen
- Large drawsting bag: 1,580 yen
- Wristband: 680 yen
- T-shirt: 2,400 yen
- Handkerchief 350 yen
March 30th - more merch
- Shoulder bag 2100 yen
- Wallet 1380 yen
April 27th - "Pokearmageddon"
- Genesect pokedoll available alongside:
- Re-release substitute plush
-Shiny magikarp promotion
- Rotom promotion
- Pokemon eggs and baby plush
- Eeveelution dot sprite phone charms
- Venusaur and blastoise pokedolls
- Rumble U figures
- Pokemon petit promotion
-New tomy figures incl. red genesect
June 1st - 15th anniversary / happy party time goods
Mostly eeveelution + sylveon stuff but also:
- Rumble U second wave incl. genesect
- Red genesect and mewtwo straps
- Pose figures are out incl. genesect
- May 29th final date for postcards to be in to win genesect army rumble U figures!

The new egg plush

I'm having a real problem with the new egg plush that are coming out in late April :\

They're extremely cute and fuzzy looking (and that little azurill baby is mine! T_T ) but i'm beginning to get very annoyed at the extremely lame (and obvious) choices for pokemerch this year.
The whole premise of having egg pokemon plush is that they're 'babies' that you'd get if you were to breed your 'mons. There is a problem with this though. Let me show you.

Here are the egg plush pokemon:
Pichu - baby stage of pikachu 

Azurill - baby stage of marill. So far so good, but then we have...

Vulpix, eevee and torchic - not baby stages

Now, i could understand having these three as fillers if there were no more baby pokemon to be had, but actually there are:

...quite a lot, and probably more besides which are 'child' pokemon in description. None of these mons have that much merch between them, so it would make sense to use this premise to flesh out their collections...but no. Eevee and Vulpix.

In fact, the pokemon they did not choose include some which need items to breed (therefore making them exclusively 'baby' pokemon in the sense that you raise them yourself), one that is only obtainable ever through breeding (phione) and two which are modelled after eggs and wearing their shells. Basically, i'm disappointed that they'd choose the easy option and release more eevee merch. As if we need more eeveelutions DX
typhlokitty, kitty

Reconfiguring my collection (boring collections post! sorry)

Basically just a note to self in terms of what i am (and am not) now collecting, really.

Main collections:

  • Jhoto starters with a very heavy focus on the Typhlosion line (Typhlosion is my main, but incidental other starters collecting).
  • The Ampharos line.
Side collections:
  • Jhoto legendaries, specifically the legendary dogs and birds (i don't like celebi much...)
  • Genesect - probably selective since there seems to be an awful lot of superfluous stuff out there (charms, clearfiles etc.). Will have a figures and plush focus.
  • Azumarill - specifically the shiny kind. Maybe get some kids to repaint and some normal coloured plush.
  • Dragons - as an extension to my already existing general dragon collection. Mostly figures, but plush too. Salamence, rayquaza, dragonite, garchomp, axew, charizard and others most prominent.
Items that (shouldn't) turn into full blown collections:
  • My team - torkoal, swampert, gardevoir, metagross, flygon, sableye/luxray, empoleon, roserade/tyranitar, shiny magby
  • Aipom for some reason
  • The other legendaries (esp. dragons or dinosaurs)
  • Lanturn
  • Miltank
  • Tropius